The ZEST Wisdom Circle is a safe, sacred space to honour the beauty, strength, and vitality of women. When women gather in a circle, an energy dome is created.

Whatever is created in this energy dome is strong and enduring.

"I loved my experience with ZEST Wisdom Circles. Linda creates a warm sense of connection within the group. She leads the discussion with a brilliant combination of strength, authenticity and vulnerability.

I felt I had an instant network of supportive women. I learned new ideas that I put to use immediately."

~ Colette Kaminsky, Founder of the Ottawa Women’s Leadership Network

Are you ready to…

  • Gain the knowledge to move you beyond anything you ever imagined.

  • Open to spirituality as an individual journey we are on together.

  • Be the real YOU? Prepared to rebuild your relationship with your authentic self? The powerful woman who radiates joy, vibrancy and happiness.

  • Access Wisdom Teachings to bring ZEST to your life. Curious about ancient Shamanism?

  • Courageously tap into your innate feminine strengths. Trust your intuition.

  • Put yourself on your priority list.

“There is so much I took away from sharing with these groups of women, facilitated by Linda, than I ever would have received alone. I have attended Linda’s speaking engagements, have read her book, ZEST Your Life, so I thought I knew what to expect from the ZEST Wisdom Circle. I was wrong; it was so much more.”

~ Tracy Jenks Wilson


Your $1 trial lasts for 7 days. To get started, watch your email box. Be sure to check your spam.After 7 days you will be charged $10 monthly or $100 annually. We meet on the first Monday* of each month at 7pm Eastern.You'll also receive teachings emailed to you. *Monday is moon day and we honour the moon as the Mother of the Universe.

Using ancient wisdom teachings that I have assimilated into my life this is what our gatherings could look like.

• Create Sacred Space

• Smudge has been used all over the world for thousands of years to prepare yourself and the space. You’ll learn the Sacred Medicines, and how to honour these gifts from Mother Earth.

• Call in the 6 directions.

• Open the Circle with thanksgiving and set our intent.

• Teachings of Sacred practices to start your day.

Steps to lead a meaningful life.

Next steps to continue the practice.

Sharing and discussion.

Close the Circle.

Make your life whole and complete...

Sacred Practices, Rituals and Habits.

Awaken the woman within. All over the world, I’m meeting people who have lost connection to themselves, their friends, family, and their community. They don’t believe that change is possible for them.

It's possible for you!

We each carry our own bundle

Make room for what you need to feed your soul.

Reach for the peak

Appreciate every twist and turn.

Dedicate time to reconnect

Claim the success of the experience in advance.

Self-talk is a conversation

It's how we think, feel and behave toward ourselves.

It's Your Journey, Enjoy Every Step

Say yes to exploration, discovery and healing.

Honour and Give Gratitude to Our Lineage

“You can’t really know where you are going until you know where you have been.” Maya Angelou

Our lineage is Sacred. For thousands of years women have been following the oldest spiritual path in the world.

Women everywhere are connecting to Sacred Practices. I know it as Shamanism.

Sacred Medicine Wheel Teachings

Wheels and circles have been used for thousands of years as tools to describe and understand Ancient Wisdom Teachings.

I personally witnessed and walked Medicine Wheels in Peru, Bolivia and a large stone circle in Scotland.

The experience was grounding into the earth at the same time as feeling the link into the cosmos.

We introduce the Z.E.S.T. formula

What are you prepared to zero in on to manifest your future?
Envision and Excite

What is your envisioned future? Excited!
Stay Committed

Set Yourself up for Success
Transform and Transcend

Commit to the transformation you seek

Seeking to realign with your core?

Build the life you want to lead and the world you want to live in?

It's not just about relationships; it's about elevating your mental and emotional well-being.

Strong and fulfilling connections are intertwined with an improved state of mind and heart.

Get ready to embrace a new level of understanding and depth in your relationships – starting with the most important one, the relationship with yourself.

Let's embark on this journey together.

Who is Linda Babulic?

Meet the ZESTY Linda Babulic. She is a Shamanic Life Coach, Speaker, Author, and Founder of ZEST Your Life | ZEST Your Business, the ZEST Wisdom Circle for Women and numerous courses and programs. With a wealth of experience in the public, private, and non-profit sectors, she has mastered the art of combining Ancient Wisdom Teachings with modern practices for individuals and organizations alike.

Wisdom Circle Participants:

"Linda’s strong intuition got to the root of my problem quickly so we could talk it out and heal. Linda was amazing at following up with me and seeing how I was doing. In just one session I gained the emotional strength to deal with the issues and insecurities I was dealing with at the time. Today I have been spiritually stronger and thank Linda for all of her support.” ~ Jennifer Knight (second testimonial, months after attending)

“Linda is a conduit, helping women reconnect with their inner wisdom and intuitive powers, let go of the past, find and offer forgiveness, open up to life with love and trust, and most importantly, change their lives and mould them into the desired outcomes. Linda is a coach that shows women clear signposts toward a life of realized dreams.Linda, a woman who exudes wisdom and formidable strength of spirit welcomes her workshop participants in an ambience filled with vibrations of warmth, trust and uplifting energy.”~ Jana Begovic, author of “Poisonous Whispers”

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